Book Review: Delicious!

I’ve never done a book review for my blog before, and it might seem a bit odd as it’s nothing to do with sewing either, but it is a very, very good book. I don’t imagine it’s something I’ll do often as I am voracious reader and get through at least two a week so reviewing might become tiresome for all! I often recommend books to people when they ask, but reviewing isn’t something I’ve thought I’ve doing but, it’s been a week and a half and two whole books since and I still can’t stop thinking about this story.

To be honest, I read this entire book thinking that it actually happened, that it was a non-fiction account of Billie’s adventures through taste, history and, for want of a better term, “finding herself”. I won’t give too much away about the plot, but it really is a riot for the senses, I cried on the bus and I was so disappointed to find the last page. Especially when I found out it was a novel. Oh how I wished that Billie and Mr Complainer and Sal were real, that there really was a Timber Mansion with secret rooms and mischievous librarians leaving a treasure trail, that I could eat Teresa’s homemade mozzarella, taste the salamis that adorn Sal’s deli.

There’s a gingerbread that features heavily in the novel, and there’s even a recipe for it at the end. I’ve not tried it yet, but anything that involves bashing your own spices in a pestle and mortar gets my vote.

It is the brilliant writing of this novel that brings it to life, that makes you think that you really are friends with Billie, that she’s taking you on her journey. And made me think she was real. Personally, I find taste difficult to describe, and I can’t imagine being able to isolate flavours like she does; so writing about it must be quite tricky. Like if you feel music, or trying to describe what a ‘gut feeling’ feels like.

I gave this book five stars. I never do that. I hope that, if you choose to read this, you’ll agree.

And for sewing fans, the sewing posts will resume shortly. It’s just that my sewing is currently top secret. And there’ll be some craft and goodie related posts coming soon, too, so set yourself up with a good book (see above) and check back soon for pretty crafts and homemade frocks. I’m off to Google Candelabras. Don’t ask…

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