Christmas Gift Guide – New Mums

I’m quite good at buying gifts for my mum. And my mother-in-law. Or any mums about my own mum’s age. What I am not good at is buying gifts for new mums. I will be a new mum myself by Christmas this year (hopefully – two weeks late for me is Christmas Day and I really don’t want to miss out on another turkey dinner!) and my family keep asking me what I want for Christmas. As I’ve got the none too exciting prospect of expelling a human from my body, I’ve got other things on my mind, but I thought it might be handy to put together a little guide of things that new mums might find useful, you know, to save you harassing heavily pregnant ladies in your life for what to get them for Christmas.

Mummy Milestone Cards / Baby Bonding Activity Tokens / First Aid Kit Pouch

Yoga Hair Ties / Room Fragrance / Memory Book

Teething Bangles / Coffee Set / Baby Mittens

And, if the new baby is due really near Christmas, or just after, this would make an excellent gift, I think:


When I was looking for things for this post, and to fill the Pinterest board here, I did get quite cross at all the ‘hilarious’ gifts about no sleep, pass the gin, not having time for a shower etc. I’ve no doubt these things will be true, but, as someone who’s put up with nearly nine months of this, would you say to someone about to go in to hospital for an operation, “ooh, that’s going to hurt. It’ll take you weeks to get back on your feet and it’ll be awful”? No, you would not (or if you would, I suspect you don’t have many friends). Heading into motherhood for the first time particularly is frightening enough, without other women (and some men) scoffing and telling you you’ll never wash/sleep/eat/finish a cup of tea ever again. Just stop it. Rant over.


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