Craft Room Clearout

I’m sure I’m not alone in the craft world for hoarding craft supplies! In fact, I know I’m not! I only have to mention to my crafty friends that I’ve got lots of craft stuff and they immediately sympathise and also say “oh my god, I’ve got to have a craft room clear out!”

My craft room was really out of hand. I couldn’t find anything, things were getting damaged before I’d had a chance to use them and I couldn’t remember what I had, so I was wasting money on supplies. When I moved house, I literally got rid of loads to charity shops, schools and craft groups and still had stuff that I didn’t need that I actually moved house with – twice!

I’m in a couple of Facebook groups for selling craft supplies but other crafters are usually in the same boat and trying to reduce their stash of supplies. I ended up hiring a table at Fox & The Magpie, a crafty café near where I live for a craft room clear out sale. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve been in the craft fair game for a while now and I’ve sat behind my table of stock I’ve made and packaged and promoted only to have no one turn up. But this was really busy, and busy with people who had actually come to buy as well. Lots of what I’d brought with me sold, which was great! I’ve still got some bits, so if you see anything in the photos you like the look of, let me know by emailing

Have you had a craft room clear out? And how to you stop yourself from creating the same problem again?!

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