• We, the Long Branch Public Schools, are certain about what matters most: continuous growth and achievement for all students, without exceptions.

    The singular aim and sole commitment of our school system is to equip every Long Branch student with the competence and confidence to shape his/her own life, participate productively in our community, and act in an informed manner in a culturally diverse global society.

    Our District Leadership Team diagnostically crafted an Instructional Focus, which will serve as a roadmap for making Long Branch Public Schools a benchmark of excellence among school districts in New Jersey. The roadmap is built on four foundations, or Four Pillars, namely:

    • Holding students and adults to high expectations of conduct and performance.
    • Ensuring that all students master the academic standards.
    • Working collaboratively and basing decisions on fact, not opinion.
    • Building strong partnerships with families and community.

    Year after year, the Long Branch community has consistently demonstrated its commitment to our schools and our students. That commitment and the dedication of our staff fuel our journey toward producing students who experience continuous academic growth, embody academic tenacity, and model socio-emotional resiliency.

    Our district is a special place where children matter most! With an intense , rigorous Instructional Focus, Long Branch Public Schools will continue our collective journey to turn our good intentions into strong results for all students, without exception.