Happy New Year! Making Resolutions

Well, well, well. Happy New Year rockers! I hope you’re not suffering too much from the excesses of last night. As usual, I stayed in, put on my pyjamas and watched the telly, and went to bed around ten past midnight, once the fireworks had stopped and the last notes of Auld Lang Syne had been sung.

Consequently I’m feeling rather chipper this morning and my mind is full of all my resolutions. Now, before you stop reading and declare that resolutions are a waste of time, hear me out. We make resolutions every day – I’ll bet the first words out of your mouth this morning were a croaked and rancid ‘never again’ – but a new year is a great time to do something different and make a change. Resolutions should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Monitored. I think the most important aspects are that resolutions are Achievable and Realistic. We must accept that some things are beyond our control and that this is not failure. If you resolve to run a 10K in March but you injure your knee, you haven’t failed you just need a new SMART resolution. These are new year resolutions, so if you resolve to be better with money when you always spend what you’ve got, you need to start small. Resolve to take lunch to work for a week rather than buying it in; take £20 out of the cash machine for your night out and leave your cards at home; start small!

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