Home Makeover: The Garden Fence

When I lived in Kent, I had a great garden with a lovely vegetable patch, albeit it did occasionally get a bit neglected and I’d grow a marrow instead of a courgette. When we bought our house here in Leeds, the grass was in terrible shape thanks to the digging efforts of the previous owner’s puppy and the soil is basically clay with bricks in. We have succeeded in regrowing the lawn; not that either of us knew what we doing – I’d just go round every couple of weeks with a mix of compost, sand and grass seed and lob it on the bald bits. Then chase the pigeons away out of the kitchen window. The flowerbed is still largely empty, save for two Minerette apple trees that are too shocked from near death from neglect (not my fault – if you’re paying a gardener, you expect your plants to be watered, right?) and moving house to bear any fruit this year and a small acer that, after replanting, fell over and nearly died (can you see a theme?). The aim is to get some hardy perennials in really soon, then I’ll be all ready for bulb planting and we’ll have a nice garden to look at all year round. Not very green fingers crossed.


Before I planted any new plants, I thought it best to paint the rather neglected garden fence. I did the shed last Wednesday when I had a day off, and that too was in a pretty bad way – most of the shed and fence was showing bare wood, and with winter approaching and no desire (or cash) to replace the garden fence, the Mr and I donned some old clothes and spent yesterday in the garden painting. We (I) started in fairly good spirits. It was fine until I got hungry then I basically became two years old. Thankfully, Rich just laughs at my “bitter little tirades” about my superior work ethic and skill (I had to redo most of his bits). Honestly, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well (to which Rich quoted Catch-22 at me, further angering me because I really hated that book). Either way, we got it done. Here’s the ‘after’ shot. There was also both sides of the garden fence on the other side of the garden to do.


Here’s my enthusiastic helper.

Rich during

And here’s a picture of us when it was finished.

Us After

Me, gleeful; Rich, not enjoying being covered in paint and being slightly sunburnt, despite the sun barely being out for any more than thirty seconds. And it was freezing.

We used Ronseal Fence Life, currently £9 for 9L at B&Q in Dark Oak.

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