How To…Make an Embroidered Initial Necklace

I really love the trend for brush lettering and personalisation at the moment. I designed this necklace to compliment both of those trends, and it’s a really quick make you could complete in an evening or two, depending on how quickly you can stitch!

You can buy the kit for this necklace through my Etsy shop. It contains all you need to make the necklace bar the scissors and flat nosed pliers, and the optional embroidery hoop.

The kit comes with instructions, but for more detail, see below!

First of all, decide what letter you would like to embroider.

Use the carbon paper facedown between the letter you want to stitch and the grey linen fabric

Use a knitting needle or a blunt pencil to rub over your letter, making sure you get right to the edges. It’s best to use the middle of your fabric.

Place the fabric letter side down on an ironing board and then place the interfacing bumpy side down over where the letter will be and use a hot iron to bond to the fabric.

Using an embroidery hoop will make the sewing much easier. Use three strands of your chosen colour to work the letter in satin stitch.

Place the letter centrally over the inner circle of the pendant. Draw around the inner circle so that the edges of the circle nearly meet on the back.

Use embroidery thread to gather around the edge of the fabric and pull tight around the inner circle, securing tightly with stitches and knots.

Draw around the outer pendant on the grey felt, omitting the top part to create a true circle. Cover the felt in glue, put the outer pendant on the felt and then place the inner circle in the hole. Make sure that your letter is straight with the top part uppermost. Leave to dry overnight underneath something heavy – I used a bottle of whisky in a box!

Use flat nosed pliers to apply one large jump ring to the top of the pendant and one large jump ring to one end of the chain. Thread the chain through the pendant ring and then use the pliers to apply the small jump ring to the other end of the chain, along with the lobster clasp.

Trim away any excess felt et voila! Your necklace is complete!

It would be amazing if you showed me what you make! Tag me (@elm_rocks) on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #elmrockscraftkits


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