How To…Make Bath Creamers

Rose bath creamers

img_2752I could skip with delight at the thought of the festive season. I bloody love it. And I love making gifts and one that went down particularly well with the mother-in-law and my grandmothers was these bath creamers. I made orange and cinnamon scented ones last year so thought I’d give a delicate rose fragrance a try for Christmas 2016.

I think they make such cute little gifts.


To make your own bath creamers, you just need a few basic ingredients. I get all my cosmetic making supplies from The Soap Kitchen. They stock everything you need to make bar soap, gel soaps, cleansers, moisturisers – the works.

This recipe makes about six or seven creamers, depending on how deeply you fill the cases.

  • 100g cocoa butter
  • 50g shea butter
  • 50ml almond oil
  • 2-4ml essential oil (I used rose for these ones)
  • small paper cake cases
  • dried petals or leaves for decoration

Cocoa butter and shea butter melt really easily but to avoid ruining them, melt the cocoa butter in a jug in the microwave first (about 20 seconds on high should do it) before you add the shea butter and heat until that’s melted too.

Stir in the almond oil and the fragrances you’re using and then leave the mixture to cool for about five minutes.

Put the paper cases either on a baking tray or in those patty tins and pour the mixture in nice and evenly.

The mixture will cool and become cloudy but to hurry it along, carefully put them in the fridge. They won’t need long to start to harden so keep an eye on them or you won’t be able to decorate them as easily.

When they’ve started to harden, gently press the dried petals/flowers etc onto the top and leave to harden up for 24 hours.

img_2750I think popping these in tiny boxes with shredded paper looks really glamorous and elegant. You could also put them in cupcake boxes (making sure that the person receiving them knows they aren’t edible!) or perhaps you could put three of them in a long thin box and tie it with a nice ribbon for a thoughtful homemade Christmas or birthday gift?

It’s worth remembering that all that lovely moisturiser can make the bottom of the bath slippery, so do be careful and warn your recipients. And, as with everything, if you’ve got sensitive or broken skin, proceed with caution!





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