How To: Knit a Skull Hip Flask Sleeve

Knitted Skull Hip Flask Gift

I made a Scandi style hip flask sleeve for MrsCraftyB’s blog, and I promised a second design, and here it is! A sparkly, rock ‘n’ roll skull that’s super quick to knit up and is a great change up from simple garter stitch. It’d also be a great gift for an eighteenth birthday, or any birthday really.

To knit this skull hip flask sleeve, all you need is some 3mm knitting needles, black double knit yarn and a bag of silver knitting beads (you can get them from Debbie Abrahams, here).

Start by threading 172 beads onto the yarn. Cast on 20 stitches and work in garter stitch for rows. Then, start knitting from the chart below. On the wrong side rows, push a bead up so it’s right by the work, then knit as usual. Ta-dah! A knitted bead. Place a bead on each of the grey squares from the chart and keep working until it’s completed. Then, you’ve just got more rows then cast off and sew the seam.

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