Learning Brush Lettering…with #VikingArtyParty

Oh my goodness! How is that Christmas sneaks up on us every time, even though it’s on the same date every single year? I’ve been so busy preparing for the big day, as well as a certain small person’s first birthday party, that I’ve completely forgotten all the fun and crafting that can happen at this time of year.

I love Christmas crafting so I was so excited when Viking asked me along to their Christmas Arty Party. Me, in a room with a load of other crafty bloggers making festive crafts, drinking mulled wine and spiced apple tea and gigantic turkey burgers?! Absolutely count me in!

Apart from the food and drink of course, my absolute favourite part of the day was doing brush lettering with Joyce from Artsy Nibs. She has the absolute patience of a saint. Joyce gave us a lovely pep talk before we started about how important it was to be relaxed while doing the lettering. If I’m honest, this stressed me out even more and I was very tense to begin with! It was like when someone says “don’t blink” and before you know it, you’re blinking constantly. With some wise and calming words though, she showed me where I was going wrong on my ‘e’s and I was soon taking nice deep breaths and doing lovely long strokes and off in my own little world. It was truly mesmerising.

After a busy few weeks, and an even busier couple of weeks ahead, I decided to get the brush lettering pens out again last night and have a little practise. I felt much calmer at the end and it really highlighted to me the importance of taking a moment to slow down and take some deep calming breaths and create. Everything seems better after that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stuff another mince pie in my face…

Thank you Viking for inviting me along! And for the epic photos used in this post.

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