How To…Make a Necklace Tree

Finished Necklace Stand

I’ve been participating in #MarchMeetTheMaker over on Instagram. I’ve gotten much further than I thought I would! I posted a picture of my jewellery collection and I realised that I don’t wear very many of the necklaces, mostly because they are often all tangled up as I have no where to keep them. So I designed this necklace tree using on-trend copper. It looks really impressive but only takes about ten minutes to assemble. Win.

I say “only takes ten minutes to assemble”. I got a friendly man in my local DIY shop to cut my copper pipe for me to save myself a tenner in buying a pipe cutter. Somehow, he knew that I was not using the pipe for plumbing. I have no idea how he guessed that.

To make yourself a necklace tree, you will need:

Materials for necklace tree

4 x 50mm pieces of 15mm copper pipe

2 x 100mm pieces of 15mm copper pipe

1 x 30mm piece of 15 mm copper pipe

2 x 150mm pieces of copper pipe

6 x end stops

4 x t-joins

Evostick Serious Stuff glue

Paired parts of necklace stand

First, make the base support. To do this, take one t-join and two of the 50mm pieces of pipe. Generously apply the glue to the inside of the t-join and push the pipes in as far as they will go. Then, apply glue to the inside of four of the end stops and push them on to the ends of the pipe. Repeat for the other side. Insert a 100mm piece of piping into the remaining holes.

Necklace stand assembly

Next, make the top bar in exactly the same way using the 150mm pieces of pipe.

Apply glue to the insides of the final t-join and push the base supports into the join. You’ll need to make sure that the base supports are resting on a flat surface and the remaining hole of the final t-join is pointing straight up.

Necklace tree base and top3

Apply glue to the inside of the hole of the top bar and push on to 300mm piece of pipe into the remaining holes, thus completing your necklace tree.

Now you just need to leave it somewhere to dry and then you can hang your necklaces on it.

Finished Necklace Stand

I hope you enjoy making a copper pipe necklace tree. It really is easy and you’ll find that you wear your jewellery a lot more often because you can see what you own!

If you do make one, tag me in your pictures on Instagram and Twitter (@elm_rocks) as I’d love to see what you make.

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