#NatStatWeek Day 3 – Inky Collective


I’m really excited about this, Day 3 of National Stationery Week. The wonderful Jen from Inky Collective has shared some excellent ‘behind the scenes’ photos (come on, I’m not the only nosey person here am I?!) and, if that wasn’t enough, she’s answered some of my nosey questions too. What a star!
At the Craft Fox Market in London
So, let’s meet Jen:
I’m Jen and I design and hand print cheeky letterpress stationery, with an antique press, on recycled card, in London. I started printing last year after my daft husband bought me an Adana 8×5 for Christmas (2013). I ran my first workshop last August and started selling around the same time. This year I have started working with a Vicobold Press, which can print much larger areas and is slightly less exhausting as it’s motorised.
I also write a blog for creatives, interviewing designer-makers, reviewing workshops and generally hoping to inspire people to “find creative adventure”!
The Adana (top) and Vicobold (bottom) presses. Supercool!
What is your favourite thing about stationery?
Oh my goodness, where to start. My favourite thing, I suppose, is that it’s a very hands on, tactile thing. Even with the convenience of Google Calendar and all those memo apps and what not, there is no comparison with a beautiful paper diary or journal. My desk is absolutely chocker with paper, inks, pens, rulers, post its, washi tapes, and I own more pairs of scissors than any one person really needs. But that’s not going to stop me filling my boots next time I’m in a stationery shop!
What is the best piece of stationery you ever owned and how did you end up using it?
As a printer I am very fond of paper and ink, so from that perspective the best piece I owned was some 100% cotton, 600gsm card. I bought it to print my own business cards, and I used the offcuts to make bookmarks, so nothing went to waste. I was quite pleased with myself about that!
The other thing is probably washi tape. I use it on everything! To add detail to gift tags and envelopes, as props in my photos, and even to help keep things where they should be during the printing process!
What is your favourite part of the designing/making process?
My favourite part (and I think other printers will agree with this) is when, after several practice prints, you get everything lined up right, and a perfect impression. Letterpress is a laborious and fiddly process but it means it’s all the more satisfying when a print comes out just right.
Jen has an absolutely gorgeous range of wonderful products. AND they’re currently on sale at her Etsy store. And that includes this rather fitting card (which, I suspect might be a bit of a lie for some people sending it, but shh!)

There really does seem to be something for everyone – with bookmarks, sensible cards for your mum, business cards for new ventures and wonderful cards for everyone you know.





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