Meet the Maker: #NatStatWeek Day 5 – Sally Makes Art

Sally Makes Art is featured on Day 5 of my National Stationery Week feature. I’m a massive fan of simple but gorgeous cards and love the plain backgrounds and pops of wonderful colour on Sally’s work. Sally is an art graduate who hoards pretty paper. Luckily, she does not hoard what she makes because then the world would be without such wonderful cards as this “I Love You To Pieces” card
and these amazing envelopes. Can you imagine getting post in that?! A whole new meaning to Happy Mail.

Sally’s are blank for any occasion. There’s an “I Heart Westminster” card that I’ll be getting for a colleague who’s leaving our office to be London based for a while.

It’s gorgeous and features a cut out of a 1996 road map showing Westminster. I really like how the brown of the card brings out the yellows, greens and blues we all remember from those pre-SatNav days when you nervously read the map for your dad while he was driving you.Excitingly, Sally Makes Art is undergoing a massive re-stock so there will be more wonderful cards appearing online very soon. In the meantime, I’ve become uncommonly obsessed with pegs…and I am a bit blaming Sally. Look at these!

They’d definitely make dashing outside to get the washing in when it’s just started to rain much more festive.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my featured makers this week – there’ll be a post over the weekend on my favourite organising blogs and links so you can use your stationery ideas to organise your life!
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