Out and About: Humpit, Leeds Corn Exchange

Is there anything better than finally going to that restaurant or café you’ve been meaning to go to for ages and, when you finally do, it’s exactly what you wanted it to be? Today, I had that pleasure; for today, I finally went to Humpit in the Leeds Corn Exchange.

I first came across Humpit when I went to my first Leeds vintage fair back in the depths of winter and I’ve been meaning to go ever since. As the weather was so nice earlier today, we had a little walk around the docks by the Royal Armouries where I practised some photography and then wandered back into town.

Humpit smells amazing, so you already know you’re onto a winner. The staff are really friendly and happy (even though they were in a kitchen and it was so hot today). At first, I thought the food was perhaps quite expensive at £3.90 for a pita with either falafel or hummus, or half and half, which is what I went for. I was so very wrong. When the smiling member of staff came out to our table to furnish us with our lunch, it was clear that it was incredibly well-priced and that we were not going to need a big dinner.

Hum Pit

Right, there were pickles, jalapenos, salad, salsa, dressing, falafel, hummus, pickled cabbage, red cabbage, grated carrot – the thing was massive, OK? A word of warning: do not go there in the early part of your relationship – I got a bit of hummus on my nose and grated carrot stuck to my cheek (the Mr was not similarly afflicted, so it’s possible this was just me). And all that for £3.90 is pretty good in my book. And more filling, tastier and community focused than spending a tiny bit less for a limp sandwich and some crisps in a supermarket meal deal.

The food was really quick to arrive – just a few minutes and they seemed quite busy – but they also allow you to ring ahead and place your order so you can just pop in and grab it on a lunch-break, something the Mr will be doing on our Treat Days (the day of the week we can’t be bothered to make packed lunch for work) and it’s just round the corner for me, so I can happily wait. They also deliver via Deliveroo.

All in all, lunch time well spent. Humpit are also on Facebook and Twitter.

And yes, I did it all mine. It was delicious and I only had to undo one button on my skirt. Win!


N.B. Humpit did not know I intended to write this review until after I’d finished. We paid for our meals and all the opinions above are my own.

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