Tailored Exhibition – Leeds Museum

I love a good exhibition and Leeds is full of them at the moment. ‘Tailored’ is a free exhibition currently at Leeds Museum exploring the significance of tailored fashion. Smart, tailored clothes make my heart sing and my favourite events are those you get to dress up for so this exhibition was right up my street.

Vivienne Westwoord Winter Outfit J

When you walk in, the first thing you see is this amazing Vivienne Westwood ‘Winter Coat’. It’s an amazing burnt orange colour, which I’ve not managed to capture in my photographs (they looked amazing as RAW, then rubbish when I finally managed to convert to jpeg, and my editing skills failed to get them to their former glory. I need a course or something). Other pictures are below. The exhibition is on until the 3rd of January and there are loads of events linked to it including learning to weave and working with artists to make a collaborative artwork. More details are at www.leeds.gov.uk/tailored And there’s another exhibition over at Lotherton Hall until 31st December on 1950s glamour. See www.leeds.gov.uk/lothertonhall

Victorian Walking Dress
I made a walking dress from this period for A-Level textiles, complete with corset and bustle. This, rather better, walking dress, brought back memories of laying on the common room floor the morning it was due in hemming it on the sewing machine.
Victorian Riding Habit
This rather magnificent outfit is a Victorian Riding Habit. I used to ride, and I can’t imagine it being particularly easy in this!
Blazer 1890 - 1905
Again, the colours have not come out well with my poor photo editing ability, but this blazer is from 1890-1905 based on early 19th century rowing blazer. Apparently, this one would have been worn to cricket or similar. I love the colours!
Alexander McQueen Coat
It’s unlikely I’ll get to London to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition but I’ll take seeing this gorgeous coat. I love the mix of wool and leather with the rock star chain. Chic and stylish but with a bit of edge; just my style.
100 years of evening dress
I loved the difference between these two evening suits! The one on the left is from the late 1960s, the one on the left from a hundred years previously. The 1960s one is made of velvet and had amazing piping – I bet it was really dapper way back when. I’m not sure how it would go down now!
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