Taking A Step Back

At the beginning of this year, I desperately wanted to be a better blogger. I love blogging, and I love sharing creativity and I resolved to blog once a week. Well, dear reader, you may have noticed that I did not manage that. I talked about failure in a post back in January. I may not have managed to blog every week, but I certainly haven’t failed. And let me tell you why.

New baby

First of all, the reason for my writing absence. Very excitingly, come December, the Mr and I will have our own little rocker. Being pregnant is no picnic – I was never sick but some on going health problems were exacerbated and can’t be treated, I was blisteringly, cripplingly tired all of the time. My creativity evaporated, my mind elsewhere and foggy. I lost my confidence blogging and making. I didn’t read a single word of a magazine or book for weeks; no craft was picked up in the evening as I favoured curling up under a blanket and sleeping. All my energy – physical, mental, emotional and creative – was going inwards, growing (with the help of a LOT of meat!) our little wriggler. At 21 weeks pregnant and with 133 more days to go to due date, I’ve been making things for the baby and planning: planning our futures, our furniture, our finances, my life one big Gantt chart on Project Baby. But I’ve also been really able to take a step back and figure out what I want for my blog and my business. I thoroughly recommend Alyssa from Clarise Crafts who did my rebrand, which I think really suits my own style. I want to focus on the things that really matter to me:

  • Supporting small businesses
  • Sharing a passion for craft and making
  • Getting out and enjoying the world around me

So, whilst there will be the odd mention of babies, this isn’t turning into a mummy blog, but will continue to feature craft, creativity and all things pretty. I hope you’ll join me!

New Beginnings Quote

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