New Beginnings

It’s the first of September, and I know that’s not the start of Autumn, but it always reminds of new beginnings and an anticipation of change that comes with the new season. I loved going back to school each September having decided that this academic year I’d be different, more popular, cooler, etc. I’d spend hours standing in front of over-priced wrapping paper in WHSmiths deciding what I’d cover my notebooks in that year and spend ages neatly wrapping the books first in paper, then in plastic film. I’d go back to the classroom sure that I’d made all the right choices, that I’d chosen the “cool” paper and the other girls would covet my notebooks that year. Inevitably, I’d sit down next to my friends and see that their wrapping paper was cooler, better, more reflective of them. The lesson I’ve learnt? Don’t try to be someone else; buy what you like; do what you like. And that’s what this blog is about: not making decisions on design and aesthetics because that’s what I should like, but because it’s what I do like.
So here’s to new beginnings, a new outlook and lots of pretty things – things I thought were pretty – to hopefully inspire individual design and fresh thinking.

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