How To: Make a Wedding Bouquet Memory Frame

E&R248 (640x427)So, I had a wedding bouquet for my wedding. I complained endlessly about spending eighty quid (EIGHTY QUID!!!) on it when it was basically going to die in about three days. I was going to give it to my lovely Gran but she and my parents forgot to take it, so I spent hours the day after the wedding and the day before I left for honeymoon googling how to preserve a bouquet (FYI – you arrange it in advance and spend around £300. Yup. I know). I think I got more stressed about this than the wedding.

In the end I opted for stringing the bouquet upside down on the back of one of the dining room chairs, where it stayed for many weeks. Basically, this is how you dry them. It doesn’t take many weeks but I got really busy and didn’t get round to the next stage.

Tools (2)

All you need for this is your dried bouquet, a memory frame (I bought mine in Hobbycraft) and a pair of scissors.

Using the scissors, cut off some of the flower heads. Use some foliage as well to add colour and depth. I started with a feature of the…well you can see it in the picture. I don’t know what it is: little yellow flower things, that’ll do.

Full Frame

Continue to add dried blooms, being creative with angles and colour combinations and using the foliage to fill in smaller gaps until you can’t see any glass and the blooms are just above the back of the frame. Don’t overfill or you’ll crush the flowers.

Finished Frame

Replace the back and, hey presto, a pretty artwork made from your wedding bouquet. Obviously, most of it still ends up in the bin, but you get a cute momento too.


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