What I Wore…Yellow Coat

It doesn’t take the most observant person to notice that yellow has been massive on Instagram for ages, or at least it has been on my Instagram feed! I love the colour yellow – it’s such a bright and happy colour and evokes a lot of positivity for me. I think it’s something to do with the coming of spring – lots of daffodils coming up and brightening the days after long wet winters, sunflowers with their enormous yellow heads contrasting beautifully with their chocolate brown centres, bees coming out of hibernation and flying around, pollenating our fields and gardens.

With so much to love about yellow, it’s always saddened me that I can never wear it as a colour. I’ve always thought that I have a yellowish tinge to my skin. Attractive, eh? Other expressions for such complexion include sallow, which, I’m sure you’d agree, is not a particularly attractive colour! So I’ve always steered clear from happy yellow.

My parents brought my Granma to visit Edith a couple of months ago. She’s always been really good with colour and what suits people. We were walking through the new Victoria Gate centre in Leedsd towards the new John Lewis when we walked past Joules. I’ve been lusting over the yellow raincoat in there for absolutely ages and dragged them in to lament that I couldn’t wear yellow. My Gran was astonished: “what do you mean, you can’t wear yellow?” she asked with incredulity from her wheelchair. I was sold! I went home and managed to find a discount code for 20% so I got it for a bit of a bargain!

I’m really pleased I bought the coat and went out of my comfort zone. It’s such a pretty and useful coat.

Have you ever thought you couldn’t wear a colour only to be proved wrong?

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