YAY for Crochyay

Oh my god, I was so excited to see a new subscription box for crochet fans in Mollie Makes last month. I immediately signed up to the Crochyay website to know when the very first one would go on sale – there was no way I was missing out. I’m a big fan of craft subscription boxes and have had a few in the past (but format changes and an out of control craft stash meant I had to unsubscribe with a heavy heart) and I was really excited to see one that is craft specific.

The email saying they were on sale came through while I was on the bus to work. Terrified they’d sell out immediately, I did some very risky online shopping using 4G and promptly changing my PayPal password when I got to work! Totally worth it though.

All I had to do then was sit and wait for it to arrive. It actually arrived before I was expecting, and, as usual, I missed the parcel so had to go out in the rain to collect it on Saturday morning, thinking it was something else and boring. I almost squealed when I saw that beautiful black and white striped box!

Well, what was inside? Dear reader, DELIGHTS are what are inside.



I couldn’t believe just what was included – great quality yarns and hooks, quirky accessories and a beautiful booklet with instructions to make an icecream. There’s even a project bag! I’d definitely say this was worth the money – some craft subscription boxes I know of scrimp on quality of what they send, but not so from Crochyay boxes.

I can’t wait to get started on the projects and sign up for the subscription (probably with another PayPal password change!). If you want to join the queue (behind me of course!) you can do so here.


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